sellers guide

As your agent preparing you to list your home is key. Before listing your home takes place it is important to make sure the following criteria are being considered by yourself and the agent who represents you. The following list of considerations are just the basics I follow when I take you on as a client and you can be assured you will be well taken care of. I make sure you are thoroughly prepared and that you are communicated with throughout the whole process. I believe in mutual respect and working together to make sure your home is sold at the best price.

I am so confident of what I offer that I have no issue releasing you freely and fully at any point for you to choose someone else as your agent should you so desire to do so. My aim is to work solidly together for mutual success and have had satisfying results doing so. We are a team and working together is a formula for success.


Before You List: Questions To Ask Yourself and Your Agent!

  • Does Your Real Estate Agent Understand your specific needs? Have they asked about “Me?”
    • Understanding your needs is a key to success.
  • Has my agent provided me with a concise price for my home based on the current market and explained the importance of pricing to me?
    • Pricing your home right the first time will increase your chances of selling your home, selling it in a timely manner and provide the highest return for your investment.
    • Pricing right ensures your home will not end up receiving two negative stigmas with the public: a. the home is overpriced b. Potential buyers asking themselves, “What is wrong with the home, it is not selling?”
  • Has my agent provided me with a concise plan on how my home will be marketed? Do I understand all that is involved?
    • There is much more involved than just placing a sign on your lawn and a lock box on your door.
  • Will my agent provide me with regular weekly updates of online activity of both Realtor® views and views of my home from the public?
    • Activity on your home has changed dramatically in the last 3 to 4 years. People are searching online more now than ever. We are able to track this and inform. Keller Williams marketing is on the cutting edge. Ask about our App.
  • Is my Agent available to me?
    • Selling a home can be a trying experience but open communication and interaction with an agent who is available makes everything smoother.

I look forward to working with you and going over my listing package with you and discussing your needs.

All the best, Clif